Professional massage services in Chicago

A company is only as good as its employees. A happy workforce is every company’s greatest asset. Our office chair massages will help your employees succeed every day.

Offices can be stressful environments in today’s fast paced, media driven work culture. Constantly sitting on a desk or hunching over to do things can have serious effects on our health and posture. What is a company without its employees? You can have the best of corporate complexes and yet your employees cannot function to their optimum capabilities because they are stressed out and tired. Chuck those yoga spaces and gaming zones. Office chair massages by Chicago Massage Company will cure your employees’ physical and mental miseries, one relaxing massage at a time.

Do you know enough about us?

Chicago Massage Company has a lot of variety and expertise to offer in this field of holistic care for your employees. We offer office massage services across Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Nashville among many other cities, with expert local massage teams always ready to take on your assignments on an office level, national or international events. We have worked extensively with companies like Lexus, Intuit and Tommy Bahamas at trade shows and events to boost goodwill and increase footfall. Corporate office massage is a rising phenomenon in global workplaces because of increased work pressures and longer working hours.

Office massages can be brought in as a part of employee wellness programs or as a reward for special efforts initiated from the employees. There are a lot of workplaces now that feature permanent massage programs for the holistic betterment of their employees.

How do we do it?

A step ahead for your employee’s well-being will bring back manifold returns. Chicago Massage Company offers the best office massages in the USA. We have a dedicated team that sends professional massage therapists right to your office at your convenience. Employees can take a break from work to de-stress and get energized, thanks to a quick on-site office massage with our trained service specialists. The massage chairs are adjustable, ensuring that everyone stays comfortable and experiences the benefits of the chair massage. We usually set up our portable massage chairs in unused or less frequently used locations within the office so as to cause least disruptions in the workflow. We ensure that massages happen in strict privacy and there are no complaints from your side.

We have strict privacy policies and safety protocols to ensure that all of your needs are met with ease and with utmost satisfaction.

An active workforce is the greatest asset any company can have. Simple things like corporate office massages can work wonders for employee morale as well as overall productivity. Contact us at (800) 296-8634 and speak to our massage therapist today!

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