The Story of Chicago Massage Company

Chicago Massage Company offers mobile massage therapy, which always provides a customized massage treatment specifically based on your needs.

What makes Chicago Massage Company different is they go where you go – you can get a professional massage in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel or event.

Chicago Massage Company continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many sectors such as domestic, hospital, offices, private chambers etc.

Our mission

  • Our work ethic will demonstrate our loyalty to providing ultimate relaxation, wellness, while bringing awareness of the benefits of massage therapy.
  • Ensure that we can build good relationship with our clients and maintain quality services.
  • Attract customers on paying what they deserve to be pay not by the hours we render.
  • We manage time accordingly for our clients.
  • We always hone great leadership skills to preserve and pass it over to the next staff.
  • We are able to cut our expenses without sacrificing quality issues beyond.
  • Nothing is more important to us than the health and wellbeing of our clients. That is the reason why we make every effort to connect with you in a healthy, informative manner so that you can relax and heal in the best possible way.

Not only is Chicago Massage Company the fastest-growing and on-demand massage service, it also heals you through professional massage techniques in less than an hour. You can avail our services at home, a hotel, an event or in your office.

We offer three major massage modalities including sports, prenatal and deep tissue. Our customers can customize their massage sessions as well, to enhance their holistic wellbeing and relaxation experience in the best possible way.

If you have received a good massage even once in your lifetime, you know how relaxed and rejuvenated it can make you feel. So, why not experience the healing magic of massage more regularly? Regular professional massage can keep different ailments at bay and is hence practiced in many cultures daily.


Our Philosophy

As described in earlier articles, massage is a form of communication. It is a state where client and therapist connect not only physically, but also on an emotional level. Each therapist has their own philosophies and values in their work, and their own unique approach to it.

To me massage is:

  • A highly effective way of improving your physical, mental and emotional health. Massage is not just about relieving physical pain or resolving some muscular problems. It can help you connect with your deeper emotions beautifully, help you understand your spirit better, and become a satisfying spiritual experience over time.
  • A form of communication, deep and profound and can convey so many things. Touch can tell so much more than words since a touch really can’t lie. Either it’s gentle, nourishing and caring, or it’s not. The recipient of the touch will always be able to tell what sort of person gives the touch and their intentions.


As a massage therapist, I also feel I hold responsibilities towards my clients. They do literally place themselves in my hands, trusting that I know what I do and won’t harm them or exploit them at any level.

To me my responsibilities are:

  • To give the best possible we can. To help and aid. I owe my clients that I give them the best I can, that they get my full attention and the full range of my skills to address their specific needs. I feel obliged to provide the best service and quality that’s possible. Anything less and I feel I’m showing disrespect.
  • To keep our personal lives and problems out of the treatment room. We are there for the clients and not the other way around. This goes without saying. I’m here for the client, they have requested a service and I provide it. If I need care and treatment, then I go ask someone for it. The clients coming to me have asked for my care and I by accepting them, have accepted to give it.
  • To advise and guide a client to the best treatment, even when it goes against our own interests and advantages. In practicality, this means to refer or refuse a client as appropriate. Another point that goes without saying – It’s my responsibility that a client gets the best treatment possible, even if it means referring her to someone more skilled than myself.

The above are my takes on massage and my values, morals and philosophy behind it. Some of the points are also what various organizations require their members to follow in order to provide the best treatments and therapies. Some points are my own and things I feel are very important as well. This is far from a conclusive list, as being a massage therapist is a journey of personal growth and experiences.

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“Working in the corporate industry can be extremely stressful and it can take a toll on your health too.Going for a professional massage therapy can help control this problem significantly!”

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