Bringing relaxing massages to your work chair

Gift your employees a relaxing massage session right in their chair! Enjoy almost the full benefits of a massage at the spa at a fraction of the cost and eliminating the time and effort it takes to travel to and from the spa. A 15 to 20 minute session can reduce stress, boost productivity, relax sore muscles and relieve tension headaches and tendonitis. It has also been shown that corporate chair massage initiatives for employees can help in employee retention as well as boosting office morale besides cutting down on sick leaves and health care costs.

Book a corporate package with Chicago Massage Company right away! We provide efficient on site services with minimal intrusion into the work space and maximum benefits to employers and employees alike

Bringing energy to Events and Tradeshows

Why stick to a boring trade show booth when you can drive foot fall and spread the message of positive health benefits with a Chicago Massage Company massage drive? Our trained personnel can help transform a monotonous trade show to one that offers a welcome break for relaxation and relief from stress and lifestyle related aches and pains. At the end of the day help your clients remember your event or trade show booth in the most positive manner.

Bringing you positivity wherever you need it

We understand that you are constantly on the move. We understand that you may not always be able to come to us when your body is crying out for some rest and recuperation. Which is why we offer mobile massage services, always on the ready, to meet you wherever you are. Ask for our trained masseurs at most major cities. We can also arrange to be present at your local or national events so you are never too far from the rejuvenation your body needs.

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